PSPl 3D Telepresence helps businesses transform the quality of communication and collaboration by providing ' same-room quality' interaction across multiple office locations. This enables cross-location meetings for many interactive applications like board meetings, employee interviews, project reviews, oversea client interactions,etc. Traditionally this kind of collaboration required key executives to travel often consuming inordinate amounts of time as well as creating a high level of costs.

  • Communicate with all participants naturally with perfect eye contact and extremely realistic 3D viewing 
  • Share documents and media files with ease and clarity
  • Use video communication equipment with minimal training
  • Conduct meetings with people across multiple locations without complexity
  • Experience 3D Telepresence at a fraction of the papex and opex costs of conventional Telepresence systems
  • Image have 3D spacial depth and perfect eye contact for a sense of same room presence which allows participants to be more effective in meetings and create a personal connection
  • Our systems deliver High Definition 720p@ 30fps at less than 1 mbps and 1080p@ 30fps calls at just 1.5mbps
  • The system is extremely intuitive for users and provides one point access for the following feature- Video calling, presentation, call logging and room management
  • The system supports real time sharing of computer data, documents and 3D objects
  • Ability to connect participants from multiple 3D Telepresence and legancy Video Conference Rooms in a single call using Open Standards systems
  • End-to-end solution also include furniture, chairs and studio quality lighting.