Conducting live events is usually a complex and taxing task - but audio visual technologies can make them more impressive and more productive. PSPL Auditoriums feature large screen projection, lighting management, control systems and video conferencing features that allow smoother management of a wide range of events.

  • Improve the quality of internal and externally directed communication through events involving large number of stakeholders
  • Create a forum where corporate events can be held at a relatively lower cost for a wider variety of communication purposes including stockholder briefings, client events, employee events etc.
  • Broadcast important events to stakeholders that may be locates anywhere in the world and achieve considerable cost savings as a result
  • Ensure high audibility and visibility for the audience in any corner of the auditorium
  • Large screen display with multi-windowing capability allows simultaneous display of video, PC, documents, Cable TV inputs¬†
  • Additional displays for audience seated at the rear of the auditorium
  • Interactive Lectern for Presenters to conduct presentations smoothly
  • Acoustically designed auditorium, optimized for live audio, movie screening, etc.
  • Multi-channel audio system drives speakers in areas that are occupied
  • Ability to conference with the outside world( video and audio) in High Definition(HD)
  • Multiple HD cameras cover the Presenter in the stage area as well as the participants seated in the auditorium
  • Real time PC, Whiteboard and Document collaboration with the outside world
  • Voting system with real time poll results
  • User friendly touch panel control interface allows one touch control of AV equipment, dialing, lighting etc.
  • Preset lighting system to suit the function of the auditorium and stage area. Also switches off lights in areas that are unoccupied
  • Recording and streaming audio, video and PC presentations over IP network
  • White boarding (capture whiteboard contents to your PC for sharing etc) and Annotation (highlighting specific content)
  • Audio system ensures that speech and program audio are equally audible in all parts of the auditotium
  • Connectivity Receptacles for PC and Video connectivity¬†