Executive decision making at the highest levels within a modern business organisation requires access to high-quality business information which can come from varied source. Sharing and presenting this information amongst the most senior executive is therefore a critical function. The PSPL Executive Briefing Centers are designed to meet this critical need for all business/corporate.  

  • Present and annotate content from PCs, video, physical documents etc.
  • Communicate with the outside world using video based communication technology
  • Record the proceeding of specific events with high quality video and also broadcast it for external consumption
  • Manage the room environment (lighting etc.)and AV equipment easily and seamlessly during the meetings.
  • Large-screen display with multi-windowing capability allows simultaneous display of video, PC, documents, Cable TV inputs
  • Ability to conference with the outside world (video and audio) in High Definition with near eye contact
  • Recording and streaming audio, video and PC presentations over IP networks
  • User-friendly touch panel control interface allows one-touch control of Av equipment, dialing, lighting etc.
  • Preset lighting system to suit the various functions of the ¬†room
  • Interactive Lectern for presenter to access/control room features
  • Audio system ensures that speech and program audio are equally audible in all parts of the room
  • Connectivity receptacles for PC and video connectivity.