The last about two decade has witnessed an ever increasing demand for information 

presented through audio and visual channels of communication. While the product development took place at an enormous pace, but the planning,integration and logistic services could not keep the desired pace. So a vacuum in this area started developing. It's here that the role of PSPL started getting duly appreciated over the current decade. A sequence of important developmental and rather evaluation events that took place over the above mentioned period are summarized in the following paragraphs.

Until the 1970s, the AV products included film projectors, microphones, overhead projectors, slide projectors, etc. and were primarily used by educational and entertainment institutions. The 1970s witnessed ushering of video tape recorders and playback equipment as new product introductions. This development also started attracting the attention of the corporate sector for training requirements.The first major fillip of the AV industry was seen in the 1980s thanks to the invention and advent of the microcomputers. The first ever electronic data projectors were also introduced during this period.

The presentation market saw a boom during the 1990s thanks to the availability of large and small electronic projectors to the corporate, higher education and other presentation sectors. At this stage, the integration and installation market started becoming more and more systems oriented with control systems, networking, conferencing and other interactive technologies being integrated into highly automated presentation rooms.

It is the current decade that witnessed the emergence of convergence of Audio Visuals with the information technology. Many of the AV products started moving closer to the retail distribution chain and small LCD and DLP projectors and many other display devices started being sold at the office equipment and computer stores. Such developments started the growth in the share of the residential market for AV products. The share of this market became as high as 20% by the year 2005. The AV/IT convergence made the AV equipment more efficient, cost effective and more reliable.In the whole evolutionary phase during the current decade, PSPL played an important role in almost all sectors of its evolution and development, with the prime objective of filling the vacuum in the integrated AV solutions.