Meeting and Presentation Rooms Solutions

Board Room & Conference Room

Corporate Boardrooms are no longer just an image building tool for large multi-national organisations. An PSPL Boardroom improves the environment for meetings, improves operational client interactions and helps reduce corporate travel expenses. Its also provides meeting participants with the flexibility to participate remotely, in case they are unable to be physically present.

User of this facility should be able to:

  • Communicate with the outside world using digital communication technology.
  • Present and annotate content from digital documents, PCs, video and 3D objects
  • Record the proceedings of specific meetings if required – with high quality video, audio and PC presentations
  • Allow interactive polling to get participant views on key issues
  • Manage the equipment easily and seamlessly without intensive training

Key feature

  • Large screen display with multi-windowing capability allows simultaneous display of PCs, video, documents, Cable TV inputs.
  • Ability to conference with the outside world (video and audio) in High Definition.
  • Real time PC, Whiteboard and document collaboration with the outside world.
  • Recording and streaming audio, video and PC presentations over IP networks
  • Voting system with real time poll results
  • User-friendly touch panel control interface allows one touch control of AV equipment, dialing, lighting etc
  • Preset lighting system to suit the various functions of the room
  • White boarding (capture whiteboard contents to your PC for sharing, printing etc) and Annotation (highlighting specific content)
  • Audio system ensures that speech and program audio are equally audible in all parts of the room