AV systems are also used in many other market sectors. The expanding impact of lT and AV has changed the way many of these sectors operate.

In healthcare today, for example, the ability to access, display, transport and analyze huge amounts of data, including high resolution diagnostic images, is of paramount importance. An information technology infrastructure, encompassing audio visual features within the hospital set-up is vital as it enables medical staff to access patient and other data when they need it. A new trend that has emerged from this development is the increased collaboration between medical professionals and institutions, even across borders, e.g. using the services of radiologists and other specialists in another parts of the world, to ease manpower or other resource constraints, and reduce wait times for surgery or follow-up therapy.

Houses of worship are installing projectors, screens and speakers as congregations grow. Lyrics of hymns, videos and slideshows are often displayed during the service, or inspirational messages and announcements are flashed before or after the service.

Digital signage platforms are growing in popularity in banking halls too, to keep their customers engaged or entertained while waiting in queues (wait warping), and at the same time, effect passive sale of their financial packages. Typically, banks and financial institutions are big users of CCTV security systems.

In the military service, the need for and benefit of an efficient communication system is largely recognized. lt is not enough to have well trained forces; intelligence is key for a successful mission. AV tools for gathering, timely dissemination, and analysis of such intelligence are part and parcel of the military command centres. AV systems are also commonly employed for training simulation and manpower mobilization.

AV technology is also widely used in the government sector especially in emergency operations centres where communication is critical. The AV systems such as multiple projectors and screens, plasma and LCD displays and video distribution systems must come with user friendly touch panel interface, for quick and easy operation.

In recent times, court rooms have gone high-tech too, where evidence can be projected on a large screen with sharp image for all to see.