Services & Specialties

While the portfolio of PSPL is too wide and rather endless to be discussed in its entirety in any website, yet an effort has been made to give a fairly elaborate synopsis on this page to give a fair idea to our visitors as to what we can do for them. For the sake of brevity, the gamut of our services and ethics have been categorized as under

Service Ethnic & Approach

The whole gamut of services from PSPL broadly encompasses Pre-project Counseling, Project Planning & Documentation, Project Hardware and Software Needs Analysis, Developing and Finalizing the Specifications,  Cost Analysis, Procurement Services, Audio Visual Installation, Project Commissioning and Ongoing Maintenance & Customer Support

Pre-Project Consulting
At this preliminary stage, PSPL conducts a needs analysis to establish as to what kind of AV capabilities the customers already have and what they aspire for. Depending upon the customers aspirations coupled with their financial budgets, various alternative schemas are developed and discussed with the customers in order to build up a concrete direction and route map for undertaking the project. Due consideration and thought is devoted at this very stage to the optimal usage of the existing infrastructure and synergies the customer already has. This exercise facilities ultimate optimization of existing resources  thereby effectuating desired cost savings. Once the basic philosophy of project implementation so developed is mutually agreed upon, PSPL moves to the next stage.

Project Planning and Documentation
At this stage, PSPL deploys a team of its accredited design engineers to develop the basic design features of the project. The design so developed essentially includes inter alias the detailed layouts for the AV equipment and wiring & cabling. Specifications of the hardware, software, mounting and other accessories are also developed at this stage. Due regard is given at this stage to the future scalability must be capable of being undertaken at fractional additional cost burden and with in a much shorter time frame. All these designs, plans and layouts are finalized in due consultation with and with the consent of the customer's architects with a view to ensuring that the other contractual obligations of the customer are in no way adversely affected.All the above exercises enable PSPL to prepare and present to the detailed cost analysis of the project. 

Procurement, Fabrication and Audio Visual Installation

At this stage, Teams of PSPL are deployed (i) first to finally review the various features and aspects of the project and (ii) then to start procuring the need based hardware, software and accessories and pre-test the same to ensure that all the components are in working order before they are transported to customer's facility. Meanwhile, our field coordinators will remain in constant touch with the customer's representatives to make sure all the necessary ground work such things as work of the civil and electrical contractors is proceeding satisfactorily in keeping with the design and layouts of the AV project. It is also ensured through physical on-site visits that the cable runs are installed correctly and all the power requirements for the system will be met.
Finally. the engineers of PSPL ensure timely installation of all the components of the project and bring it to ready-to-launch stage.

Project Commissioning

All the modules & components of all hardware and software are duly rechecked and tested for faultless integration where after, at the duly pre-appointed date and time, the project is commissioned in the presence of the customers' representatives and all the nuances of the operation of the installed audio visual project are explained to the customers representatives. This session is followed by an independent operation of the project by the customer's representatives which is attended by the representatives of PSPL to evaluate the whole process. Due training is given to the customer's executives in all aspects of the project operation. After both parties being fully satisfied the project is handed over to the customer.

Ongoing Maintenance and Customer Support

PSPL also offers all kinds of after-sales support in the form of AMC, preventive-maintenance and warranty support, etc.