Video Conference Room

The spread of High Definition (HD) video conferencing technology (720p or 1080p resolution video) has made the most powerful collaboration platform available to businesses today. An PSPL video conferencing network improves the quality of communication and collaboration across teams in an organisation. This makes cross-location meetings possible more frequently, at short notice and with a lower investment of executive time and travel associated costs. this technology is being used by marketing, sales, human resource, finance and corporate communication divisions within mid-size and large businesses across the globe.

  • Clearly see and hear all participants in a meetingĀ 
  • Share documents and media files with ease and clarity
  • Use video communication systems effortlessly
  • conduct meetings with people across multiple locations without complexity.
  • Large screen display ( single or dual) allows display of video, PC, and documents
  • Ability to conference with the outside world - single party or multi-party- (video and audio) in High Definition with near eye contact
  • Real time PC, whiteboard and document collaboration with the outside world
  • Recording and streaming audio, Video and PC presentations over IP network
  • Connect with the outside using IP or ISDN networks
  • User friendly touch panel control interface allows one touch control of AV equipment, dialing, lighting etc.
  • White boarding ( capture whiteboard contents to your PC for sharing, printing etc) and Annotation (highlighting specific content)
  • Present lighting system to suit various functions of the room
  • Studio quality lighting ensures that lighting is evenly distributed over all participants
  • Connectivity receptacles for PC and video.