Audio Visual

PSPL specializes in conceptualizing, designing, integrating, execution 7 training in:

Audio Systems, Video Systems, Audio & Video conference Solutions, Security Surveillance System, IT Enabled Services, Integrated A/V Solutions, Projection (Video) Systems, System Integration & Installation, A/V Design & Business Consulting, Product Advisory, Identification and Procurement Services, digital Imaging Advisory Services,  Commercial Lighting & Control Systems, On-site Consulting & Annual Maintenance Contracts, Turnkey Projects & the like.

Audio Visual Integration Projects On Turnkey Basis For:                                                                                                       

Corporate Sector

We provide cutting-edge  audio, video  and lighting  solutions with centralized  control for  conference   rooms &  Board  meting   rooms with permanent   installations or live events. We   also   provide    integrated    solution   for  employee  training  and  record impossible for everyone to attend.

Our Solutions help our clients plan their presentation needs, select the  right equipment to meet their presentations and budget and ensure that every project is successful from start to finish. Also we facilitate addressing a number of people at multiple locations.

Education Sector

We Provide complete solutions for E-  Learning & Multimedia based education  where attention is paid  to particularly  the  audio and visual   presentation of the educational content with  the  goal to  improve  easy  comprehension  and  long  retention. Students can access & play  back the recorded learning material for  further study.

Through e-learning solutions, we help our clients to meet the demands of both media-savvy students and tenured educators. We provide student oriented AV Solutions, designed to help    faculty to boost up student's academic performance & assist gene rate new revenue from campus facilities. Also facilities classrooms with Touch Interactive boards, Projectors, recording & webcasting solutions to make archives of Content & session. Our solution  promotes "Teach  once and Reach multiple audiences".

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