Digital Entertainment Solutions

Smart Home

PSPL helps clients create smarter homes using the latest environment control and automation technologies. These homes feature multi-room audio and video entertainment, lighting management, integrated control systems, energy savings and surveillance systems. 

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Home Cinemas

Digital Entertainment ( movies, music and games) is an increasingly important part of how we relax and entertain ourselves. Making the most of high definition entertainment content for a larger than life, immersive experience is what an PSPL Home Cinema does best

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Interacting with casual visitors and guests in common areas like lobbies is an important function for hotels. PSPL can help achieve this with Intelligent AV technology and also add to the ambiance with dynamic lighting and music control.              


PSPL Banquet Halls are multi-purpose rooms which host a wide variety of events in the hospitality sector and are an important source of revenue. 

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PSPL helps equip restaurants with the infrastructure needed to manage this environment easily and effectively to create the appropriate setting for a wide variety of events.

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The guest room stay is critical for hospitality organizations as they aim to innovate and differentiate themselves from competitors by providing their guest with a unique and delightful experience.

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