Conferencing System

All the below-mentioned modes of conferencing are important in their own ways and in the defined environments, yet one has to select the most appropriate solution depending upon one's needs and objectives. These categories of conferencing solutions are discussed below:

Audio Conferencing:

In this mode of conferencing, no special equipment required. All you and your participants need is a phone line and a Touch-Tone phone. Once all participants are connected into the conference call, everyone can speak normally and join in the discussion, just as if they were seated around a boardroom table. This facilitation speeds up and improves decision making, helps increase productivity and reduce travel costs. Audio Conferencing brings together all the people you need, when you need them.

Web Conferencing:

Web Conferencing is a powerful meeting tool. With a browser and a telephone, you can use the professional Web Conferencing Services to talk, see, share information, and work collaboratively with other people. The conferencing solutions ought to be easy to use. Web Conferencing Solutions put you in the same room with your colleagues, seamlessly sharing voice and data. With these solutions you can collaborate with presentation viewing, application sharing, allowing multiple people to edit a document, polling, and white boarding for brainstorming sessions. The systems also allow all participants to see the presenter's document and hear his/her voice at the same time. These solutions save your organization time and money by allowing your staff to meet and collaborate without booking meeting rooms and without business travel. It is ideally suited for meetings from 2 to 500 participants and even more.


Webcasts are generally used for corporate compliance, product launches, internal communications, special events, crisis management, continuing education, etc. etc. This mode of conferencing can be made an integral part of communications strategies of an organization. Bit it has to be ensured that the technology adopted is adequately powerful as well as easy to use. Various options are available in the market and it's here that the advice of experts in the field like Primasonic might become handy and rather inevitable.

This mode of conferencing helps expand your reach across the Internet to extend the reach of your message. One may also argue, and rightly so, that it is not a conference but a broadcast. But with the advent of advancing technologies, where by the audience is able to see and hear your presentation or event, plus you can take advantage of a number of interactive features to enable viewer participation. So, it attains the features of a fairly reasonable conferencing solution.

Video Conferencing:

Video Conferencing Solutions have all the impact and characteristics of a personal contact and face-to-face meeting, so you can leverage the creative and strategic power that exists throughout your organization. It is a highly effective medium for announcements, training, meetings, project management, and even recruitment, yet takes only a fraction of the time and cost involved in sending the participants to a single meeting location. With proper and well thought of strategies and solutions, Primasonic helps making this mode of conferencing as easy as making a phone call. Primasonic provides you with solutions to your Audio-Video Conferencing needs using state of the art design, circuitry and systems.