Unified Communication Solutions

New business imperatives are transforming the collaboration needs of the modern enterprise. No longer is it enough to be able to just communicate, instead teams need to be able to collaborate across a variety of platforms from the context of their current tasks. The competitive advantage which this delivers in reducing " time-to-decision" is fast becoming invaluable.


  • Find and collaborate with co-workers quickly and easily

  • Communicate seamlessly from almost anywhere, across not just IT platforms, but also specialized AV and VC platforms

  • Have presence awareness within desktop and line-of-business applications

  • Ensure enterprise-grade security, reliability and availability on a trustworthy platform


  • Provides access to e-mail, voicemail, fax, calendars, and contacts in a unified inbox from a variety of clients and devices.

  • Enables real-time availability status of employees to be displayed to enable users to contacts the right person the first time using the best communication method

  • Is the capability to transfer text messages in real time over the internet or a corporate network

  • Provides a virtual meeting experience allowing groups of people in diverse locations to interact and collaborate whether ad-hoc or pre-scheduled

  • Enables voice communication over an IP network and is considered the next generation of voice communication that also helps reduce operational costs.